Limetown Studios is a Brazilian illustration and visdev outsourcing studio founded in 2011 by Amanda Duarte and Gus Lima, with the purpose of bringing awesome ideas to life with imagination and a great sense of humor!

We work with illustration, concept art and design mainly for games, books and advertising, all in a great variety of styles and subjects.

Gustavo Lima

Co-Founder & Concept Artist

Gus is the draftsman of the team, turning the white canvas into great ideas and concepts.

Amanda Duarte

Co-founder & Illustrator

Amanda is responsible for bringing Gus’ sketches to life through color, light and digital painting.


Bruna Saddy

Graphic Designer

Bruna helps illustration and design make their way from computer screens out of the printers and into the world.

Daniel Bogni

Colorist and Background Artist

Daniel’s strong foundation in color and light makes him a great background designer and painter.

Kami Queiroz

Illustrator and Product Designer

Kami brings the cartoony cuteness and fun to illustrations and Limetown Store’s products.

Clients and Partners

Canal Nostalgia
Pixelberry Studios
Urban Voyage
Imangi Studios
The Oatley Academy
Fantasy Flight
Editora Moderna

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