Limetown Studios, founded in 2011 by Amanda Duarte and Gus Lima, was first created with the purpose of outsourcing visual content for the advertising industry. Their main goal was to eventually work exclusively with 2D illustration but, due to both founders’ diverse background, at the beginning the studio still offered a large variety of services, ranging from graphic and UI design to 3D architectural models and creative retouching.

  It was not until 2015 that they managed to finally specialize in what they dreamed of: creating whimsical, cartoony characters and illustrations with stylized designs painted in a more realistic way. By then, they realized that their style fit mostly into games and books, even if they eventually still take on projects from advertising, editorial and other markets. That was also the year that Limetown started growing and gathering other artists and collaborators to work remotely.

  To this day, Limetown has worked on over 40 published games around the world, from mobile and consoles to boardgames and card games; not to mention their work with some of the biggest publishers and ad agencies in Brazil. And, hopefully, the studio will continue growing, taking on greater and more challenging projects, and also giving back to the artistic community as much as possible.



Illustrations rich in storytelling and visual appealing for games, books, advertising and whatever comes to mind.


Visual Development

Concept art, background and character design, color keys and look-and-feel; anything related to visual development for your games, animation project, and etc.



We do commissions for personal use too, may that be a character you like, a gift for a loved one or a family portrait.

The Team
Gustavo Lima

Co-Founder & Artist

Gus is the draftsman of the team, turning the white canvas into great ideas and concepts.

Amanda Duarte

Co-founder & Artist

Amanda is responsible for bringing Gus’ sketches to life through color, light and digital painting.

Bernardo Curvello

Character Designer

Bernardo brings the cartoony cuteness and fun to illustrations and characters.

Bruna Saddy

Graphic Designer

Bruna helps illustration and design make their way from computer screens out of the printers and into the world.

Daniel Bogni

Colorist and Background Artist

Daniel’s strong foundation in color and light makes him a great background designer and painter.

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